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What's making that noise?

Has your car been making an odd noise or acting strange lately? Find out exactly what the issue is when you bring it in for a computer diagnostic. Our expert technicians have the latest technology to pinpoint exactly what repairs are needed. This saves you time and money!

Get help with:

- Engine diagnostics

- Check engine light

- State-of-the-art computer technology

- Electrical problems

- Written estimates

- Fast, accurate diagnostics

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Low Prices

Guaranteed Services

You’ll not only find the best prices here at Cliff’s Automotive Repair & Exhaust, you’ll get the best service in town – guaranteed. All works are done right the first time and many services come with warranties.

Service for cars, light trucks and SUVs.

Don't wait another day. Call now!

Once the problem is found, our technicians can help you with repairs to your suspension, electrical system, or any other system that is acting up.

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